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Creating and running a successful hospitality business is a blend of engaging concepts… outstanding products…cutting edge service…

And after you have all that, you need an experienced advisor who can help you navigate the legal, regulatory and financial complexities.

Charles Hoff is the hospitality industry attorney successful business owners turn to.

Whether you need to solve legal issues (from licensing to partnership agreements) or have issues managing the technical demands of credit card security, or if you’re seeking the vital person-to-person connections needed in business, Charles Hoff is a respected industry figure ready to help you.

A winner of numerous hospitality industry awards, a sought after speaker, and an insightful expert, Charles Hoff is the person to call when you need a trustworthy advisor by your side.

“I’ve been involved in many industries over the years but never found a more enjoyable, energetic group of ‘can-do’ people to work with. People in hospitality want to create special milestone moments and memories for their customers. I’ve had many memorable moments in my life thanks to great restaurants, which makes my work even more personal.”